Lessons for life (and guitar) is a method book for playing guitar published by Pladd Dot Music. It now has it's own website that's strictly dedicated to extra material and content found in the book. To go the book website click here.

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Lessons for Life (and guitar) is one of the fastest growing method books for teaching guitar. In less than one year from it's release, it has already made it's way into middle school classrooms and colleges across the country. It's perfect for one-on-one private lessons, or group guitar classes!

You no longer have to use the "old" method of learning guitar. Lessons for Life offers a new approach that breaks away from the traditional "single note reading" method. Instead, Lessons For Life offers a very practical SONG approach. The student learns songs, strumming patterns, and improvisational techniques right off the bat.

Lessons for Life doesn't stop there. It's designed as a "Everything You Need To Know" approach to learning guitar. From the absolute beginner, to the seasoned professional, this book offers lessons on every level.

Complete with Illustrations and audio references, Lessons for Life is the only book you'll need for a long time. After all, these aren't lessons for an unrealistic world, they're Lessons for Life!

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