What does PLADD Mean?

People always ask us: "What does PLADD mean?" Here's the story:

The Happy Mistake

The year was 1993 and Chris Mitchell (owner of Pladd Dot Music) was making the first flyer for his band at the time, "Won by One". Let's just be upfront here and say that it was around 3AM and Chris passed out while drawing the flyer. When he woke up, he saw a big black dot that his sharpie soaked into the flyer. Realizing that he couldn't get rid of it, he just put a note under the black dot that read "This black dot has no importance". Chris kept getting asked about why the black dot was on their flyers. Noticing how much attention the black dot received, Chris told his best friend (and bassist) Brian that it would be awesome if they could ever afford color and make the dot a plaid dot. He just thought it would look cool.

Paying Our Dues

Chris and Brian had since formed a new band (Wallace Green) and released their first album, Wonderllamasoup. It was met with good reviews and the band was trying to figure out their place in the uproar of Grunge. Hey - it was an awesome live band era!

Playing gig after gig (and four hour shows), and playing with bands like The Marvelous 3, Soul Miner's Daughter (Jennifer Nettles), and Drivin' N' Cryin', the band was working hard to get a record deal.

Nearing the end of their college career, Wallace Green released a second album, Evandrool. They signed with a small label out of Arizona and knew that they were taking their first step into a larger world. Chris told Brian that they really needed to have a company name to manage the band. Remembering their first flyer, Chris suggested "Plaid Dot Music" and have the company logo be an actual "plaid dot". Brian agreed and immediately suggested that the word "plaid" should be spelled "pladd" (because the actual spelling of the word just didn't seem right). In a moment of creativity, Chris agreed holistically and both of them agreed that "Pladd Dot Music" would handle all of Wallace Green's business needs.

A Brief History in Time

Time went by and the band mates went their separate ways. Chris kept the name Pladd Dot Music to use as his guitar lessons studio.

After a year, Chris had a large waiting list. After two years, he had a massive waiting list. Chris started to wonder if Pladd Dot Music could do more than just guitar lessons…

The rest, as they say, is history...

Our Place in the Universe

Our local retail establishment of Pladd Dot Music at 38 North Main Street, Statesboro is focused on music education by offering lessons in Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Voice, and Music Composition. Since creativity is the foundation of Pladd Dot Music, it's no coincidence that we take a very creative approach to educating our students. Pladd Dot Music currently teaches over 175 students a week on a one on one basis and is proud to be the largest independent music school in Statesboro.  In January 2009, Pladd Dot Music published Lessons For Life; an instructional book for guitar. Our music instructors understand the importance of a performance-based learning environment. Our students learn; our students perform.

What About that Flyer?

It's hanging on the wall in Pladd Dot Music to remind Chris that mistakes can have a lot of importance…


Our company is divided into several categories:

Pladd Dot Music: This is our foundation in Music Education. It also handles our retail sales and band and orchestra division.

Pladd Dot Distributing: Handles the wholesale division of Pladd Dot Music, distributing our brands (Devilcat Amplifiers and CMG Guitars) to certified dealers.

Pladd Dot Publishing: Handles all print media and our music publications.

Pladd Dot Records: Handles our recording studio and recording projects.

Pladd Dot Music is Located at:
38 North Main Street
Statesboro, GA 30458
About us:
Pladd Dot Music specializes in music lessons, band and orchestra rentals and repair, and music retail. Feel free to give us a call or contact us via this website!